Curriculum at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Clear structure to our curriculum as well as the conviction that all children can achieve success is key to all teaching and learning at St Joseph’s. In all subjects, recalling pre-knowledge and skills is made possible through knowledge organisers. This ensures essential linked knowledge/skills are revised and links can be made with children’s current learning. Key concepts and key learning objectives for each subject are highlighted and over-learning of these areas occurs through repetition, modelling and scaffolding of learning. This process is important if key concepts are to become embedded in the long-term memory.

Through our subject-specific Schemes of Work, we make sure that learning for all is progressive and sequential. Moreover, reading and vocabulary are emphasised in all subjects.

The links below will help outline our approach to the curriculum. In addition, please refer to our SEND link which oulines how we make the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs.

Religion God made me
Religious Education
English concept with workstation on a wooden desk
English Schemes and Curriculum
Math Calculator Policies
Class Information
Year 3 trip to lookout
Learning Environment