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Celebrating Pentecost: The feast of Pentecost is on Sunday 23rd May and marks the day, when the Apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and went out telling everyone about God, Jesus and! the Good News. Scriptures tell us, they spoke in many languages so that people of all nations, creeds and languages understood God’s love for them.

stjosepsh march 23
March 23rd, 2021

At the end of the first week of the summer term, it has been lovely to have some sunshine to cheer us up – even if it has still been quite chilly! We have had a very calm week at school and the children have again excelled in just being their unique little selves – making school a delightful place …

school newsletter March
March 26th, 2021

The staff and children have all had a very busy few weeks and it is hard to believe that this is the end of only the third week back at school for most of the children. The children have all settled really well into their classrooms, are obviously delighted to be back with their friends and teachers. The children should be congratulated on their resilience and strength – we are all very proud of them.

Newsletter march
March 3rd, 2021

Congratulations! We appear to have made it to the end of another lockdown period for schools and we are really looking forward to welcoming all the children back into school on Monday. I want to take a moment to thank all of our parents who have kept their children at home for the entirety of this…

March 8
February 26th, 2021

Full reopening of School on 8th March

Through our safeguarding measures, we have all managed to keep St. Joseph’s a safe haven for our children. Our aim is to continue our track record for keeping all classes open. This letter will remind you for the key arrangements in place. As always, these will be reviewed regularly as guidance will change as the government continues with its planned strategy. The weekly newsletter will update you on key operational matters at our school.

12 Feb

We have reached half term safely! I want to take this opportunity to say a massive ‘well done’ to all of you. These continue to be difficult times for everyone and, by the looks of the work being submitted to the teachers, you are all doing an amazing job supporting your children with their remote learning. I know that, for many of you, this involves juggling your own work while you are supporting your child…

29 January

Well done, everyone! You are all doing a fantastic
job – the children are participating well, and the
work completed is great. We are really proud of
you all! The attendance in remote learning is over
90% for most classes and we are nearing 100%
attendance in some year groups.

22 jAN

I am very happy to report to you that we have had no positive case (within the infectious period) at school and hence all class bubbles have remained open. From next week, our staff will each carry out a Lateral Flow Test twice weekly…

Newsletter 11 Feb

Wow! What a week! It is hard to believe that just one school week has passed since we were due to return to school – it all seems such a long time ago already. However, even though last week did not resemble any of our normal expectations, I do hope that you were all able to enjoy a restful Christmas and New Year Holiday with your immediate family. I wish you all best wishes for the coming year – even if it has not had a very auspicious start!